elmah-io changelog
elmah-io changelog

Elmah.Io.Cli 4.0.56




We released a new version (4.0.56) of the elmah.io CLI. The new version includes the following change:

  • New clear command to help delete unwanted messages from one or more logs. The documentation has been extended to cover the command.
  • Re-ordered commands alphabetically.
  • Running on the newest version of Spectre.Console.

New DPA including updated SCCs

We have an updated version (v3) of our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) including the modernized standard contractual clauses under the GDPR for data transfers from controllers or processors in the EU/EEA to controllers or processors established outside the EU/EEA. Let us know if your business requires an updated version and we will provide you with a signed copy.

Updated PowerShell help article

The PowerShell documentation has been given some much-needed attention. We now recommend using the Invoke-RestMethod Cmdlet over installing NuGet packages. There's a new examples section where we publish inspirational ways of utilizing elmah.io and PowerShell. If you are currently logging to elmah.io from PowerShell in an interesting way, let us know through the support and we may share your code.

New email footers

New footers have been added to all transactional email templates telling you exactly why you are receiving an email and how to unsubscribe/avoid similar emails going forward:

New email footers

Blogged: Building a Stack Overflow browser as a VS extension

Show/hide password

All password fields (reset password, login, apps, etc.) have been changed so that you can choose to see the inputted password to help spot failing passwords:

Show/hide password

Nothing changed in relation to security. All passwords are still posted to elmah.io using HTTPS, with a CSRF token, and all other security measures that you'd expect.

Help article: How to search custom data

Did you know that custom data can be used for full-text search on elmah.io? We have extracted the limited information we had about this feature from the ASP.NET documentation and made a general help article with examples for other web and logging frameworks too. Check out the new document here: How to search custom data.

Blogged: ASP.NET Core 7 has built-in dark mode for error pages

Visual Studio 2022 support in Elmah.Io.AspNetCore.Analyzers

The Roslyn analyzers available in the Elmah.Io.AspNetCore.Analyzers extension have been upgraded to work in Visual Studio 2022. Get the newest version here: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=elmahio.elmahioaspnetcoreanalyzers

For those of you who may not know Elmah.Io.AspNetCore.Analyzers, it's a set of analyzers to help you configure Elmah.Io.AspNetCore correctly. More info here: https://docs.elmah.io/roslyn-analyzers-for-elmah-io-and-aspnet-core/.

Delivery problems during the last 2 hours

There have been some delivery problems with Azure Service Bus during the last two hours. This caused some log messages to the elmah.io API to fail. We have been investigating if anything could be done on our end, but the problem seems to have been fixed from Microsoft's side now. Sorry for the inconvenience.